Every class on our timetable is suitable for all ages, genders and fitness levels. Our experienced trainers guide participants step by step through each of our cleverly designed programs. Each class is different and each class can be done at every individual’s desired pace and can be modified in any way.  There are multiple membership offers available to suit you, Book in now!


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Group Fitness

Our favorite! 30 minute express classes and 45 minute classes. A surprise workout every time. A dynamic blend of strength and resistance training, with a touch of HIIT. Our program formats are designed to keep your body guessing. If you love training in a group with others you won’t be disappointed. Follow us on our daily stories!

24/7 Gym

We have a brand new gym filled with quality equipment, ready for you to access whenever it suits you. A boutique private members only gym. - 24/7 swipe card access - No sign up Fees - Multiple packages available!

Personal Training

If PT is what your'e looking for, our very own Emily is your girl! Emily is an experienced PT who will get you the results you want. You can contact her direct on 0497 390 092 or find her on Instagram