Our Studio and Group Fitness sessions are unique, we share a passion for Group Fitness and have been running fun, varied Group Fitness Classes for over 10 years!

We work together to create fun and exciting programs to keep our clients happy and motivated.

We pride ourselves on program variety. Offering a combination of HIIT, Boxing, Circuits, Resistance Training and Natural Movement Training – To keep your body guessing!


Kristal Murrell

Fitness Coach

Kristal has over 10 years experience in the industry, is a certified FIAFitnation Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor and MovNat certified Trainer. Her favourite style of training is boxing!


Sarah Garrett

Fitness Coach

Sarah has over 5 years experience. I am Certified III & IV in Fitness with Australian Fitness Academy. She loves strength/weight training and yoga!


Amie Stone

Fitness Coach

Amie is a Certificate IV Qualified Instructor. She started as a client over 10 years ago and is now taking group Fitness Classes. She loves weights and circuit style training.


Peita Morris

Fitness Coach

Peita is a Certificate III Qualified Instructor, who loves weight training but is a real sucker for a good HIIT class! She started as a client at MVNT HUB 8 years ago before being inspired to join the team.


Emma Lazzaro

Fitness Coach

Emma is a Certified Group Fitness Instructor and has been a trainer at the MVNT HUB for the last 7 years. Her classes are HIIT and HIRT styles of training with added elements of pilates to increased flexibility and core muscular strength.


Emelie Coleman

Pilates Coach

Emelie specialises in Pilates but likes to mix up training styles daily! She enjoys HIIT training, a nice Yoga or Pilates flow.